Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Review- Aal Christiansen- Submarine Killer

Aal Christiansen- Submarine Killer (Spitfire Books 1967) 3.75 Stars

Slugger Burton has been given an assignment and he’s going to complete it, even if he must gain control of his crew with an iron fist. He must take his ship, H.M.S. Alice, and rescue soldiers trapped along the coast of Greece during an evacuation of forces running from advancing German lines. Getting there will be the hard part though, having to battle submarines and dive bombers.

I was kind of surprised to find a war book aimed at middle readers, which was why I picked Submarine Killer up. Slugger Burton is a very interesting character, although he seems to be the only character that you really get to know. The descriptions of the battles were well done and perfect for the middle reader level. I found the plot to be quite fast-paced and enjoyable, especially for if you were a young reader. It contains words easy enough for the young readers, and yet has some that will challenge their vocabulary skills.

I recommend Submarine Killer to young readers in search of action or war books.

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