Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book Review- Ralph W. Cotton- Justice

Ralph W. Cotton- Justice (Signet 1999) 3.75 Stars

Ranger Sam Burrack is hunting down Doss Edding and his Half Moon Gang, a group of young and drunken bandits. They have been getting away with bending the law to get free and Sam Burrack plans to put an end to that, even if it has to be done with his guns. Doss Edding’s father has power though and he sends a man after Burrack, now Burrack must watch his back while hunting down this group of thugs.

Ralph Cotton writes a fast-paced western that keeps the reader entertained throughout. The plot could have used a little strengthening I though, but the storyline was amazing. I loved how Burrack was not just facing the criminals, he also had a man hunting him, and he had to deal with the corruption within the law itself. It was a very good western. The characters were amusing, even if a little weak at points. I love this time in history though, and I thought that Cotton did a wonderful job of recreating the period in our history.

I recommend Justice, to western lovers and fans of Ralph Cotton.

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