Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Review- Michael Crichton- Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton- Jurassic Park (Ballantine Books 1991) 3.5 Stars

Hammond and his team of scientists have discovered a method of creating dinosaurs, by cloning dino DNA captured from ancient sap that has trapped insects that feasted on dinosaurs. The plan is to make them a zoo display on an secluded island, but something goes wrong and they all find themselves trapped on an island with the most deadly creatures the world has ever known.

I have to say that I actually liked the movies better than the books, and I rarely ever say that. I did not like how it switched perspective constantly and there was no real main character. The plot was a little bit slow at first, although still interesting and it kind of helped the movie make a little more sense. The idea for this book was a great one as there are many dinosaur fanatics out there. The science was interesting to look at considering all the cloning attempts happening now, although so far cloning has not been too successful, which makes this book seem even more far fetched.

I recommend this novel to fans of the Jurassic Park movies, Michael Crichton fans, or lovers of sci-fi books.

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