Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Review- Laurence Klavan- The Cutting Room

Laurence Klavan- The Cutting Room (Ballantine Books 2004) 3.25 Stars

Roy Milano is a movie trivia buff, he knows everything there is to know about movies and there actors. After his fellow movie buff calls him up and tells him he has the Holy Grail of movies, The Magnificent Ambersons, he finds the man dead. Now he is on the hunt for who stole the movie, not caring so much about the murder.

I enjoyed reading this mystery. It was interesting to see a main character investigating, who is not a professional in any manner. His clumsy methods make for an entertaining read, and it is nice that the man wasn’t trying to investigate the murders, he just wanted the movie. This book covers politics, murder, theft, and intrigue, it’s got it all. I would have liked to see a better beginning and maybe some of the clues being harder to get, sometimes it felt like they just fell into place too easily. Overall I did enjoy this novel though.

I recommend The Cutting Room novel to mystery fans.

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