Friday, August 7, 2009

Book Review- John Grisham- The Chamber

John Grisham- The Chamber (Island Books 1994) 3.25 Stars

Adam Hall’s family has a history that they are ashamed of. The family wants no one to know who they really are related to, the reason for their name change. When Adam decides to try to save his grandfather who is on death row the family’s secrets are sure to come into the public eye. Chances of success are small, but he must still try to save the life of his grandfather, whether he deserves it or not.

The Chamber has a lot of human rights issues tied up into it that really got my mind working, which I do enjoy. As usual for Grisham it did have some very tediously slow sections and got a little too wordy. I enjoyed the depth of characters. He showed their faults and their positives. Although I did not like his grandfather, I couldn’t help but wish for Adam Hall to succeed in his attempts at getting him off of death row. I like how I thought I knew how the book would end, but was shocked by the ending. Grisham does a great job at throwing in twists and turns the reader may not see coming.

I recommend this novel to people who enjoy human rights issues, or are Grisham fans.

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