Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review- Beverly Cleary- Ramona Forever

Beverly Cleary- Ramona Forever (William Morrow and Company 1984) 3.5 Stars

Ramona Quimby is almost done the third grade. She has just met Howie’s rich uncle and it turns out he may not be leaving as quickly as she might like him to. Ramona’s life just never seems to go the way she wants it, she just has a way of attracting disaster, as most kids think they do.

I enjoy the light-hearted nature of these books, considering that I usually read heavy subjects this is a nice change. As usual Beverly Cleary has put her heart into another beautiful book for kids. Kids can easily relate to the issues at hand, making it more enjoyable for them. I love the depth of the characters that are explored throughout the series. The plot is never really the main focus it is more about developing the character and giving the reader a humorous read.

I recommend this book to Cleary fans, middle readers, or anyone looking for a light, easy read.

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