Monday, June 1, 2009

Book Review- Paula Shene- Mandy the Alpha Dog

Paula Shene- Mandy the Alpha Dog (Publish America 2009) 3 Stars

This is good clean book for kids to read, that has an educational factor too. It raises awareness of the terrible way that animals are treated at times by careless owners, breeders, and sellers. Mandy, an older dog, explains to a much younger dog how she was raised and came to be in the home she is now in.
Mandy the Alpha Dog, is hard to place in any particular genre. It has color pictures, which I love because it is different from many other books, the drawings are done by a non-professional artist, which gives it a kind of personal feel. Although not really meant to be put into the picture book category, it also does not have chapters, meaning that it’s not a novel. It was well written, but at times it did sound a little bit too scripted, which kids likely would not notice. I would love to see a better cover though, as people judge books by their cover, (guilty!).
Overall I did enjoy this book. I found it both entertaining and educational. It is a good book for kids age six to ten. Parents would probably enjoy the fact that the book is educational, and may even learn something from it.
I recommend this book to parents looking for a good clean book for their children.

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