Sunday, June 28, 2009

Book Review- Joseph Finder- Paranoia

Joseph Finder- Paranoia (Audio Book-Unabridged) (St. Martin’s 2004) 3.5 Stars

Adam Cassidy hates his job and he bends the rules for a friend. To avoid jail he becomes a cooperate spy for his boss, getting information from Trion. At Trion he becomes a hotshot and flies up the ranks quickly. Suddenly he finds himself in over his head and discovers that everything may not be as it seems.
Paranoia has a great plot that catches your attention and there are several good twists. Although the ending was somewhat predictable, it still caught my attention and some of it managed to surprise me. The characters were strong and clearly Finder put a lot of thought into them. The dialogue was realistic in most parts and not in least bit mechanical. Some parts in the book were not in the least bit believable and I would have liked to have seen more realistic reactions from the people involved (mainly Trion security).
Overall Paranoia was a good book. I recommend reading it to people who like Joseph Finder, or thrillers.

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