Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book Review- John Grisham- The Last Juror

John Grisham- The Last Juror (Dell Publishing 2004) 3.5 Stars

Willie Traynor, a 23-year-old man with dreams and ambitions, moves to Clanton, Mississippi in 1970. He has just bought the town’s newspaper and wishes to make something of himself. A brutal rape and murder shake the town to its foundations. The guilty man just happens to be part of a rich and troublesome family who live apart from the rest of the town, stuck out on an island. Willie Traynor attends the trial and records everything, despite threats from the family. Grisham tells the tale of the trial and the events that transpire after.
They say that this book is supposed to be a thriller, but I would not call it that, a thriller is supposed to grip your attention and make you bite you nails in anticipation. The Last Juror feels more like a drama to me and certainly did not succeed in griping my attention throughout. This novel had a great beginning, a great middle and a great ending, aside from that Grisham included way too many details. Grisham included many sections that had nothing to do with the main part of the story and he could have removed a couple hundred pages in my opinion. He should have stuck to the main storyline more and reworked his detailing. He did however have strong characters, dialogue, and the idea behind the storyline was really great.
Overall I thought that this book was just average for Grisham. I would recommend it to people who are die-hard Grisham fans; otherwise you may not make it through the book.

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