Saturday, June 20, 2009

Book Review- Arthur Slade- Dust

Arthur Slade- Dust (HarperCanada 2001) 3 Stars

Dust takes place in Horshoe, Saskatchewan and mentions many towns and areas that I know all about having been to the places. It even mentions Swift Current, my city. The reason for this is that Arthur Slade is a fellow Saskatchewan author. Dust tells the story of Robert, an eleven-year-old boy whose younger brother disappears one day and strange events start taking place. As more children disappear Robert begins to suspect the truth behind the events, but will any of the adults believe him?
This book had a great beginning and an even better ending; it was the parts in between that I had some problems with. I did like the book overall, but in parts it was hard to follow and a little bit to odd for me. The oddity got to be a little bit too much for me. A little bit weird is okay, I can deal with that, but in some parts it was just too odd to be believable. The dialogue was fairly strong, the characters managing to stay within their age. Character development was strong in the part of the main character, but aside form that I found myself wanting to know more about some characters, trying to understand who they are and the reasoning behind their actions.
Overall it was an average book in my opinion. If you are a teen that is into the weird and wacky, or fantasy, you may enjoy reading Dust.

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