Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book Review- Mary Higgins Clark- All Through the Night

Mary Higgins Clark- All Through the Night (Simon & Schuster 1998) 2.5 Stars

This was my first Mary Higgins Clark novel and I have to say that I was not overly impressed. I will be trying other novels by her in the future, but they had better be a more enjoyable mystery than this one. The cover said, ‘suspense story’, but it was not in the least bit suspenseful. A musician gives up her baby to pursue her career, leaving it on the church doorstep. At the same time a young kid is robbing the church and grabs the baby stroller by mistake. Seven years later the musician wants her baby back and is searching for her child and someone is trying to figure out how to prove that a will has been forged.
This book sounded so interesting, but I was greatly disappointed. Everything just fell into place a little bit too easily and the end was completely predictable. The plot was fairly good in theory, it just wasn’t executed all that well. The characters were believable, although not very much effort went into helping the reader get to know the characters, or to assist in connecting with them. I understand that it was meant to be a heartfelt Christmas mystery, but come on, make it have some suspense. Don’t false advertise! Sorry for the negative review, but I really was disappointed, it’s Mary Higgins Clark for crying out loud!
I do not recommend All Through the Night, not for anyone, unless you are looking for an airy novel with not a shred of thought needed.

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