Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book Review- Joseph Finder- Company Man

Joseph Finder- Company Man (St. Martin’s Press 2005) 4 Stars

This is my first Joseph Finder book, but it certainly won’t be my last. Company Man tells the story of Nick Conover who is the CEO of a big-league company. His family is trying to recover from the death of his wife. He must come to grips with his fatherhood, despite the fact that he and his son share the blame for his wife’s death, at least in their minds they do. On top of that it seems that he is being deceived and undermined at work and someone is threatening his family after he had to layoff thousands of workers. No one thought that he would fight so hard to keep control of his life.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Company Man. Joseph Finder is a very talented author who knows how to grip your attention. I did find a couple of sections fairly dry reading, but they both lead up to jaw-dropping situations. Finder throws surprise after surprise at the reader, keeping you guessing all the way through. The characters were very believable and each of them had problems of their own to deal with, making them relatable for the reader. The dialogue seemed like it was also very well thought out and realistic. A downer in this book was that although in most parts it is very good reading, it had its parts that I thought either could have been removed altogether or rewritten to make them more interesting, they don’t really add anything to the book.
Overall Company Man is a great book. I recommend it to thriller lovers.

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