Thursday, May 21, 2009

Book Review- Eric Wilson – Disneyland Hostage

Eric Wilson – Disneyland Hostage (HarperCollins 2003) 3.75 Stars

Liz Austen visits Disneyland with her aunt in the hopes of having a fun vacation, but when a young boy disappears from a hotel room, she becomes involved in a dangerous case. No one in Disneyland is safe, not for one second.
This was not really too much of a mystery, it was more of an adventure novel. In terms of plot it was not very in depth, which is kind of good for kids. I did find myself enjoying this book, although I have to say that Wilson has written better. The story starts off with a plane ride, where we find out that Liz is deathly afraid of flying, which makes for a humorous start to the book. I did find that Wilson digressed from the main storyline in parts that made it slightly dry at times. The book did not really grip my attention until about halfway through when it picked up the pace a little. The ending really did make up for the lack of action in the beginning, earning it more stars than it would have gotten. I loved the twist at the end, although it was slightly expected and predictable, but kids are not as likely to see it coming.
I do recommend Eric Wilson’s novels to kids who like mysteries or adventure stories. Disneyland Hostage is a pleasant and enjoyable read.

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