Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Review- Ryne Douglas Pearson- Top Ten

Ryne Douglas Pearson- Top Ten 3.5 Stars

When serial killer Michaelangelo sees that the top ten most wanted list has been numbered and he is at the bottom of the list, it infuriates him. Now he is hunting down the others on the list in order to become number one. Ariel and the FBI are after this man though and they are onto what his game is. This cagey villain will be the ultimate test for her skills.

This was one of the most disturbing introductions I have read in a long time. The book was very well written, but continued to be chillingly disturbing throughout the book. The plot was twisting and weaving all the way through, working towards an explosive ending. I did have to wonder how the villain so easily tracked down all these people that the FBI could not find. The characters were pretty well done, but could have had more depth. The overall plausibility was probably my biggest problem with this novel though. As a whole the novel kept me on the edge of my seat, so I would say it was a decent read.

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