Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Review- Andy McDermott- The Pyramid of Doom

Andy McDermott- The Pyramid of Doom (Bantam Books 2010) 3.25 Stars

Uncovering an ancient vault beneath the Great Sphinx is becoming a huge TV opportunity, but someone may be trying to beat the archaeologists to the prize. Macy Sharif, a student, has found out about their plan though and is now on the run for her life. Who does she run to but the shunned Nina Wilde and her ex-SAS husband. Together they are up against a rich cult who is on the hunt for an ancient secret behind death.

It took me quite a while to get into this book, kind of a slow start. I was hoping that it would have had a way better introduction that would get my attention right off the bat. Once it did pick up though it was quite intense and fast-paced. The plot was pretty good with some twists and turns, though none that I thought were fantastic. The characters were also pretty good with some depth to them. I did think that the bad guys were pretty stupid and gullible, so it would have been nice to see them be more of a challenge for Nina and her crew. I also thought that the plausibility was lacking and things just worked out a little too well. I also don’t understand how people could have gotten beaten up so much and still kept going on. Overall though it was an interesting read and it was good for a one-time pick.

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