Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book Review- Gary McCarthy- The Cimarron River

Gary McCarthy- The Cimarron River (Bantam Books 1999) 2.5 Stars

The Cimarron River leads to many places, including Santa Fe, where Andy Parmentier intends to go. Andy Parmentier is a farmer from Indiana who has always dreamed of going exploring and finding gold. After dramatic events unfold he is forced to set off after his dreams. What he does not know is just what dangers lie ahead and the trials he has yet to face.

This book was just okay. It was interesting enough that I continued reading and finished reading it, but it was not a great read. I found the characters to be rather shallow and the fact that we saw a complete character shift at a few points in the book was rather annoying as I then had to get acquainted with brand new people. The plot seemed rather weak as well and not well-though out. It also did not seem realistic at many points and things just seemed to work out a little too well. I do not recommend this one.

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