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Book Review- Michael Connelly- Trunk Music

Michael Connelly- Trunk Music (St. Martin’s Press 1998) 4.25 Stars

Detective Bosch has been on an involuntary stress leave and when the body of a cheap movie producer is found dead inside the trunk of his car, it looks like a mob hit, but Bosch does not want to give up his first case in a long time. Money is usually a great motivator and it appears to be the same with this case. When the money takes Bosch to Vegas he discovers that the man was dealing was some dealing with some unsavoury people, and in following the case Bosch must deal with them as well. The big boys don’t play fair and he must show them how real player plays, but he soon realizes that an old flame is somehow involved and Eleanor Wish might be into more than she can handle.

I enjoy how Connelly gets the reader involved in the crime immediately, drawing your attention early on. This makes it easier to get into the book. Then because of Bosch’s hard-case attitude he usually brushes someone the wrong way, ensuring that you are going to see fireworks. Bosch is a character with many sides and we see those sides in this book. I wish I had not read later books as I know exactly how things turn out for him with his associates/flames. It was an interesting plot that this one followed and I am always amused by Bosch’s tough-guy act and how he deals with those who cross him. One thing I did not like was how I knew who the guilty parties were early on, although it took a while to find out that I was correct in my guess. I did still like seeing how it all played out Bosch’s mind turned to eventually figure out what I had guessed.

I do recommend Trunk Music and the Bosch series to anyone who loves a good thriller/mystery.

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