Saturday, June 19, 2010

Book Review- Maureen Bayless- No Fixed Address

Maureen Bayless- No Fixed Address (Scholastic 1997) 3 Stars

Monika and Sabie have been living on the streets. Monika, Sabie’s mother, has been dealing with cancer and has been trying to show Sabie the right questions to ask during life to help her survive on her own. Now her mother has died and she really is on her own, can she really do it? Now she must try to find her own way in life, asking her own questions and making her own decisions. Thirteen and on her own, she only hopes she has enough courage.

The introductory paragraph in No Fixed Address was interesting, but then my interest teetered. I was kind of up and down about whether or not I liked this book; it was like riding a teeter-totter. Sabie was a wonderful main character and I enjoyed the characters we met along the way. It was also a powerful tale of a young girls struggle to find her own way in life. I did find the whole Estelle situation to be a little annoying at times, and when the social worker, Ann, came along I found her to be most disturbing. A social worker should never give information out about other clients and the way she acted at times was not like a role model or how a responsible adult should act. If a social worker actually acted like this I am afraid of how the children she is trying to help would turn out. As a result I am afraid that this book does not get my personal recommendation.

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  1. i hate the book no fixed address

  2. its a horrible book


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