Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Review- R.L. Saunders- Blind Pig

R. L. Saunders- Blind Pig (Xlibris 2000) 3.25 Stars

This review is one of those reviews that are done upon request by the author. Blind Pig tells the tale of Alan, a writer waiting for his big break. He stumbles upon a drug deal and his life is suddenly in danger, rather than dying he kills a man who attempts to kill him. Discovering a half-mil in cash, he decides to take the cash. His life will never be the same.
Blind Pig is not the kind of book that would catch your eye just by looking at the cover. The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ applies to this book. It lost a quarter-star for the cover being so boring. I would have liked to see something better as a person’s choice of book often does start with the cover, it’s sad but true. The actual plot is very good. It was very creative and enjoyable. I was looking for it to fill out a little bit more however. The characters are well-crafted and in depth enough that you can get to know them quite well, understanding their motivations behind their actions. I may have missed it, but I was looking for the explanation of Alan’s nickname of Blind Pig, which the title obviously comes from. I did find that it digressed a little in the beginning, including a couple of parts that I wasn’t sure how they fit in. The dialogue was fairly good, but could have been a tad bit stronger in my opinion.
Overall I did enjoy reading Blind Pig. R.L. Saunders has a great career ahead of him and I hope that he continues writing. As for a recommendation, this novel is hard to place in any specific genre. You could call it a romance, drama, thriller, or crime novel. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys any of the above listed genres. A great read and I thank the author for the opportunity to read this book.

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